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Dumna Nature Reserve

Dumna Nature reserve is one of the popular Jabalpur tourist attraction for nature lovers. It is a peaceful place to spend sometime, enjoying the nature and birding with some wildlife. It is located on Jabalpur to Dumna Airport road so best place to spend weekend here. A walk through the park provides a feeling of walking in a forest as it is a forest area with lots of plants and trees. There are many trails here that lead you to various destinations. A lot of nature lovers and wildlife lovers visit here. It is also a favorite spot for children as it allows them to see a lot of animals and birds, as well as a chance to play in the children’s park. The toy train here also is loved by the children as well as the grownups. We are providing Jabalpur taxi service in which we offer taxi hire service to visit Dumna nature reserve in day-time. Our cab service is available for all the locations of the city on 08hrs/80kms basis to visit this nature tourist destination and visit other tourist attractions also.

Dumna Nature Reserve
The Dumna Nature Reserve is an eco-tourism site in Jabalpur. Dumna Nature Reserve Park covers an area of 1058 hectares of land. This wildlife reserve has a rich diversity of wildlife animals. You will find wild boars, monkeys, jackals, spotted deer, porcupine, and chitals. Here in Dumna Nature Reserve area and its adjoining forested region, people have reported Leopard movement in late evening or night hours. It is not very common but sometime such movements have been reported. Several species of birds are also found in the Dumna Nature Reserve Park. The park has lush green landscapes with plenty of trees and plants. Walking on the sideways that are built in the park, you can have a close view of the wildlife animals. At some places the trees form a canopy and provide absolute shade and coolness. Jackals, porcupines, chital, spotted deer, monkeys and wild boar are common in the park. A large species of bird are also found. There is a snake park here that fills you with awe. On the other side of Lake there is beautiful Dam named Khandari Dam which was constructed under British Empire in the Year 1883 and it’s a remarkable example of Civil Engineering. As we know Jabalpur is known for it’s water bodies and beautiful gardens but these days cleanliness is city’s prime face.

Dumna Nature reserve is in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh state, Central India. It is at the distance of 10 kms from Jabalpur city. It is located in Jabalpur Airport road. While driving from Jabalpur to Dumna airport, we can find Dumna Nature Reserve, on the way. It is a peaceful place for nature lovers.

How to reach
Dumna Nature reserve is nearest area of Jabalpur. It is just 10 kms away from Jabalpur city near the Dumna airport of Jabalpur and IIITDM. Due to its location it is very easy accessible by all means of Transport. Jabalpur Railway station is nearest station for Dumna Nature Reserve. You can book a cab or take metro from station.

Other Tourist Attractions
The other attractions in the Dumna Nature Reserve include hanging bridge, tent platform, rest house, fishing platform etc. In addition to it, boating can also be enjoyed at the nearby Khandari Dam. However activities like bathing or swimming are prohibited in the Khandari dam since many crocodiles are present in the water. Children can play in the park and enjoy the toy train. The Dumna Nature Reserve is indeed a treat to the eyes, its pristine beauty and animal treasures are worth seeing.

Dumna Nature Reserve Timing
Dumna nature reserve is open for visitors from 10:30 hrs to 18:30 hrs. Withing these visiting hours, people can enjoy the nature tourism of this place. All the visitors have to pay park entrance fee to visit this nature reserve. Here park management decides the visitor timing of nature reserve. With change in seasons, they may do small change in visiting hours. Here children can enjoy the nature and other fun activities like toy train ride, boating, nature walk, birding etc. For toy train and boating, their is fee. For accommodation purpose, here we can find Hotel cum restaurant of Madhya Pradesh tourism department.

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