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Jabalpur Narmada Ghats

Jabalpur city is located on bank of Narmada river. Their are many popular Narmada ghats to visit like Jelahrighat, Gawrighat, Tilwaraghat, Lamhetaghat, Parmananda ghat, Bhedaghat, Panchvati ghat etc. These are some of the popular Narmada ghat that contributes in Jabalpur tourism. Narmada river is a holy river and only river in Central India that has origin in Central India and flows to Arabian ocean. It passes through two stats i.e Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and considered as life line river for both the states. As given website is dedicated to Jabalpur tourism and our taxi service to promote that tourism, we will discuss about some of the popular Narmada river ghats that are linked to Jabalpur and its nearby areas.

Jelehri Ghat
It is a popular Narmada ghat close to Gwarighat. It is less populated ghat as known to locals only and have many small temples on that ghat. Here we can see the Lord Shiva temple. Jelahri ghat in Jabalpur is considered as good place to visit, for those who try to avoid crowdy places and wish to spend sometime in solace. Here one can take simple holy dip in river. Boating is not available from this ghat.

Gwarighat is a popular and large Narmada ghat in Jabalpur. It is almost known to everybody in city and even to outsiders. Gwarighat is well known for religious activities, rituals, taking holy bath in river, temples and boat ride. Gwarighat is a spacious and well developed location for visitors. Evening arti of Gwarighat is a popular event of this place which is attended by local people and most appreciated by tourists. It is held on daily basis, after sunset. Watching evening arti of Gwarighat will memorize you of evening arti held at Varanasi. Tourists should must visit and attend the evening of arti, during their Jabalpur city tour. Apart from this, one can also see some of the popular temples of Gwarighat like Shri Ramlala mandir, Geetadham, Chaandi ke Ganesh Ji or Gwarighat ke Raja etc. In addition to this, Gwarighat has also have religious significance for performing post-death rituals. Many local people and nearby villagers reaches this place to pour ash of their died relatives in holy river Narmada, through boat ride. One separate ghat called Kharighat is deidicated for it. Gwarighat is also important for followers of Sikh religion. Here Gurudwara has also been made on other side of river to commemorate the visit of this place for holy Guru Gurunanak Dev Ji. All these factors makes this place an auspicious land.

Tilwara Ghat
It is another popular Narmada river ghat of Jabalpur city, visited by local public and visitors. Although in compare to other ghats it is not well developed but it has its importance as after death of Mahatma Gandhi, part of his ashes were put here and later poured to holy river Narmada, through Tilwara Ghat.

Lamheta Ghat
It is approximately 16kms from Jabalpur city but very well connected by road. Lamehata ghat is located on a small but old village called Lamheta village. It is a natural ghat on flowing Narmada river where water passes through slow pace which is suitable to take bath. Lamheta ghat were in news due to finding of some Dinoceros eggshells. As we all know that Narmada river valley is rich in fossils so this ghat has its own importance. It is well connected by road. Here boating is not possible due to rocky outcrops.

Parmananda Ghat
Parmananda Ghat is adjoining to Lamheta ghat and well developed to take holy dip in river. It is located adjoining to popular Parmananda Ashram from which its name is derived. Ashram is a holy and auspicious place which is very popular among local villagers. It is very well developed and cared by group of saints living their. Here boating is possible but not available.

Khari Ghat
Khari ghat is the Narmada river ghat made for post death ceremony. It is basically used to put ashes of dead person, into holy Narmada river. It is a part of sacred cultural activity in Hindu religion. It can be reached by vehicle as it is well connected by road. Here people takes holy bath in river Narmada and small boat ride is also offered to general public.

Bhedaghat Ghat
Bhedaghat is a popular tourist destination, comes after visit to Lamheta ghat. It is approx. 25kms from Jabalpur city and visit to Bhedaghat is an important part of Jabalpur city tour. Here one can see famous Dhuandhar water fall, do photography, enjoy rope-way ride. In addition to this, one can also visit to ancient Chousat Yogini temple, locate in same region.

Panchvati Ghat
Panchvati ghat lies in same region of Bhedaghat form which popular boat ride of offered to visitors. It is the actual ghat, from which visitors will take the boat ride in which they will enjoy boat ride on Narmada river passing through famous Marble rocks.

Car Rental Service
Above we have mentioned some of the popular Narmada ghats of Jabalpur city and of adjoining areas. During Jabalpur city tour, one can visit to some of the selective ghats as visiting all the ghats itself will required one full-day due to which other tourist attractions could be missed. We offer tourist taxi service for Jabalpur city tour in which we show some of the selective Narmada ghats and other popular tourist attractions of Jabalpur city. Our services are available for all category of visitors from budget category to luxury category of visitors.

Taxi Booking
We offer online taxi booking in which guest can make the cab booking from their own location. They are just required to fill-up below given form and send to us for quotation. Against you email, our expert's team will send you quotation with required advance payment. If acceptable, you can make the advance payment and take the confirmation from our side.

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